‘Tuchel’ received the first ball to help Singha clearer a lot.

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Thomas Tuchel admits Chelsea were relieved after Reece James first goal sparked a 4-0 win over Burnley at TurfMoor, and the first half was played. Not so good Until reaching the unlocked door from James in the 48th minute,

since then, it has become a game of “Sing the Blues”, getting an additional goal from Kai Havertz, scoring a double and ending with Christian Pulisic

” In the second half we played a little more fluid. We have to keep in mind how we want to play,” Tuchel told ufabet Sports

. But still play still and trust each other We knew we could score more but we respected coming to this stadium.”

“The first goal of the day helped us a lot. It gives us a lot of relief. And when Burnley are in this situation. They put you in stone.

The front line is more decisive. The attacking players thrive on form and turn the game around.”

Off-field matters of Chelsea. Are still being talked about after Roman Abramovich announced. The sale of the team. Among the issues related to Vladimir Putin, the Russian president ordered the army to invade Ukraine.

Asked about things off the pitch, Tuchel replied: “I think the performance at Wembley showed our focus on sport.

” The team is up, undisturbed and ready for action again today. It shows the character of the players and I am very proud of them.”