Moyes said the hammer had improved the form but still lacked sharpness

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West Ham United manager David Moyes sees his side’s improved form against Liverpool, but remains lacking in the finishing touches

of the Scotsman. Showed a good form and created several chances in the game that attacked the “Reds” in Anfield, but turned out to be a sharper home side and slashed to win 1-0.

Bring good results Even today we couldn’t keep the results but we have improved a lot,” Moyes told ufabet Sports after the game

. They have a lot of space on the pitch to score goals so it’s difficult to cover those areas. “

We try to stay in the game and keep clean sheets. If we keep a clean sheet I think we might just keep playing until we win.”

“We try to play offensively. I didn’t want to come to the away game and only defend since today there were moments when we had problems without the ball.

“They started very well and improved in the game. We had a good chance from when Pablo slipped in but he couldn’t finish it. After that, if there is any team to get a goal, it’s probably us.”

“We have to be sharper. What was missing was the quality of the final score and the cross ball.”