Mourinho admits the team played poorly and deserved to lose.

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Roma coach Jose Mourinho admits his team deserved to lose to Slavia Prague in the Europa League on Thursday night.

“Wolves” ended with a 0-2 defeat in their away game in Czech Republic, with two second-half goals from Vaclav Yurechka and Lukas Mansopusz causing the team to lose their first match since. who had won the previous 3 games which the Portuguese coach Accepting defeat in this match ทางเข้า UFABET

“Today we lack everything. I don’t want to say much and no one should have to say anything.” Mourinho told Sky Sport Italia after the game.

“Today’s result is correct. Both positively for Slavia Prague and negatively for us. I don’t like our work. I talked about this with the players in the dressing room. which is something I have never done.”

“We had a chance to draw 1-1 but overall it was a very poor performance. Nothing is going well. There are a few players who have an attitude that I like. with the right attitude for this game”

“I’ll tell you one thing I like, Edoardo Bowe, he’s a 20-year-old kid who alone isn’t enough to win us games. We all deserved to lose this game except Beauve.”