‘Marsh’ praises Yungthong, the team has done well

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Jesse Marsh was pleased with what he saw from Leeds United in his first game. In charge and believes that if he continues playing like this there will be no problem escaping relegation

. Leicester City from Harvey Barnes’ winning goal, although they were more likely to create chances.

The defeat left them without a clean sheet in 15 consecutive league games and are currently 16th in the table. Just two points ahead of the relegation zone.

Even so, Marsh is pleased with what he saw and believes that if he continues to play like this, surviving relegation won’t be a problem for them.

“I know that this team is more dedicated than any other team and helping each other more than any other team I have ever seen. And then they showed them things,” Marsh said.

“What I learned today is that they are very sharp, they are also very skilled with bringing what we have been training for four days, a lot of tactical discussions and analyzing low-time videos. bit Come out and perform on the pitch.”

“There are still a lot of little things I need to help them understand. But overall, it’s a very good form

. But I want to make sure they feel good. That was the first step we had together and it was a great start

. They’re stressed because of what’s going on around them, because of the rankings.”

“But we have to let those stresses go. Focus on what makes a difference for us and what we can control.”

“If we keep playing like this and if we keep playing the way we want to, like we played today, we’ll be fine.

” We can lead There are a lot of good things from what we showed in this game.”