Elliott encourages Liverpool to defeat Brentford and recover from their ongoing drought.

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Harvey Elliott the Liverpool midfielder encourages his teammates to make amends after stumbling in every competition for 2 matches. Hoping to use Brentford (12 Nov.) as a punching bag to boost confidence before entering the football team break nation.

The ‘Reds’ just lost 2-3 to Toulouse in the Europa League. Luckily, they are still sitting top of Group E. While last weekend’s league game was just a 1-1 draw with newcomers Luton Town.

The lost morale the English midfielder believes can be revived if he wins at home against Phaya Phung in front of the Kop fans UFABET

“We can play a lot better. And we didn’t have the quality we just saw on the field last night.” he said on ‘LFC TV’.

“There is an important game against Brentford waiting on Sunday. It will be another important test for us. must leave the results of the lost competition behind Use it as motivation for the weekend game. To do the right thing. Which didn’t happen last night. ”

“There is nothing better than winning a game and then going into the international break. That’s what the team wants to do.”

“Flying back to England from France on Thursday night physical appointment on Friday. and prepare immediately Make sure you have everything ready because it won’t be an easy game. Seriously, playing the English Premier League, no game is easy. They will come and fight like we are still stuck in our throats.”

“We need to make sure we do the right thing. Then enter the national team break. I hope to get a positive result from the competition.”

Asian Handicap Liverpool , handicap by 3 and a half goals -10. Total score of three goals by 3 and a half goals -10