Get To Know Keto Flu.

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Keto Flu or Keto Fever is a condition that will occur after starting the Keto Diet. Also known as the Keto diet. But disorders that occur after changing eating patterns are difficult. Most of the symptoms of Keto Flu. That are often found are headaches, brain fatigue, fatigue, irritability. The symptoms and severity of each person may vary food.

The principle of eating keto is similar to eating the Atkins Diet and eating a low-carb diet (Low-Carb Diet). reduce starchy foods and focusing on eating the right amount of protein. This forces the body into a state of ketosis , a condition in which the liver produces ketones to be used as an energy source instead of glucose. 

However, eating keto can cause side effects such as cramping, bad breath, changes in gastrointestinal function, exhaustion, or the Keto Flu symptoms discussed in this article. as a point to observe abnormal symptoms that may occur Ready to know how to deal with such conditions in the right way. UFABET

Things to know before eating keto

This eating pattern is not suitable for children, adolescents, pregnant or nursing women. Except for those who are under the supervision of a physician during the intake. Including patients with underlying diseases such as kidney disease, pancreatitis  hyperlipidemia People with diabetes should seek advice from a plan about planning a keto diet. in order to be able to eat safely and suitable for the needs of the body