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1. gourd, crab, fish 

It is an easy to play gambling game and has a form of betting that is not too complicated. Therefore, it is a gambling game suitable for novice players. Who have not entered the gambling industry for a long time. And with its long-standing popularity, most web developers have brought this popular gambling game to an online format that will make it more accessible to gamblers. 

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2. Pok Deng  

Thai people would know very well. For the game of Pok Deng, people in the old days were often played at various parties or festivals by gathering several people and then sitting together to relax and relieve fatigue from the preparations. This will have a relatively easy way to play. If the gambler has high enough playing skills, it may make it difficult to win the prize money. 

3. Gamecock 

is a gambling game that is equally popular. By the way of playing, just predict which side of the chicken will win. If you guessed correctly, you will receive a reward for playing that time immediately. And this type of game is considered a game that is fun and helps relieve stress for gamblers as well.

4. Fantan 

That we may hear mostly in folk dramas. This game has a simple and uncomplicated playing style, allowing the gambler to easily win the prize money into the pocket. Because of the popularity that has always existed, there has been a reduction in the form of online so that gamblers can access this gambling game more easily. 

A collection of local gambling games, Fantan online.
Interesting, isn’t it for individual gambling games? 
Which some types of gambling games have a pattern that is easy to play, making it suitable for new gamblers who don’t have much knowledge or techniques in playing, can come and join and bet on that gambling game right away. 
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